About Us

SIP Services LLC.  was formed in South East Texas providing Thermal Insulation to the construction industry. SIP Services has continued to provide Thermal Insulation to refineries, power plants, gas plants etc.  Also, we provide acoustic insulation, fire protection, scaffold buildings, removable blanket, abatement, blasting, coating and trace heating.  With our head office centrally based in Port Arthur Texas, it is very feasible to cover the whole of the United States with our services in a timely manner.

Company Profile

SIP Services LLC is a leading National, multi-disciplinary/multi-craft, industrial service company. It regularly assists customers with a variety of scaffolding solutions, industrial and commercial insulation of pipe, equipment and buildings. Other services offered are corrosion protection, fire proofing and special applications. SIP Services LLC is working with customers in the Oil and Gas, Commercial and Energy Industries.

Safety and quality is planned for daily to meet the expectations that we and our clients expect out of our employees. Due to the extensive need of our services, we are organized in and around several of our customers primary locations. SIP Services LLC has established operations in Texas and Louisiana.

SIP Services LLC pursues a strategy of deepening relationships with its customers, broadening its services offered and strengthening the company’s international presence to deliver the best results. Reliability and responsibility is key to our service business, with a drive to continuously improve our services to our extensive customer base.

Our Mission

To responsibly deliver quality services, with opportunities for our employees to build a reputation that enhances SIP Services. We aim to satisfy our customer’s so that they are prepared to make a positive recommendation to others that we may serve. To ensure we are getting it right we conduct satisfaction surveys to ensure that we are providing a quality of service. We continually evaluate our cost base and employees to ensure that we are deploying our resources efficiently. The quality of our service coupled with our commitment to bring our customers the best possible product and solution.